Zurich Food Tasting Tours

Zurich is different. Once you arrive there, you will feel things happening at a different pace. Food tours are the perfect way to tour this beautiful city which is known for its cleanliness and nice architecture. A food tour is a specialty tour designed to introduce visitors and tourists to Zurich’s main food staples, such as the popular and delicious cheese fondue, or the Rösti national dish. Food tours vary by length, but will generally escort their participants throughout a few restaurants and spots in the city. A local guide will explain about the history of Zurich and the foods, and will unveil parts of the city known only to the locals. 


Join one of these popular food tours, and enjoy a unique Zurich experience! 

  • Guided walking tour with food tasting (private) 

    The guided walking tour is led by a local guide, and allows you to eat your way through the city, while burning the calories by walking. The private city tour with snack tasting includes small tastings of snacks in 3 – 4 different locations. In each location, you will receive an explanation and a bit of history from your local guide. This is the perfect tour if you want to discover the city from a different perspective. 

    Tour duration: 2.5 hours  

    Tour cost: CHF 65 per person (minimum CHF 300 per group)

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  • Gourmet Tour (private) 

    Are you curious about the Swiss cuisine and like gourmet food? Then this is the tour for you! You will be introduced to a meal starter in one location, a main course in a different location and dessert in a third location. You will be accompanied by guides who will share interesting facts about Zurich. This tour is especially suitable for company outings. The route is planned according to your needs, and provides an in-depth look at the culinary diversity of the city. 

    Tour duration: 3.5 hours  

    Tour cost: CHF 110 per person (minimum CHF 500 per group)

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  • Swiss Food Tour (public – Thursdays at 7pm, starting in September 2019) 

    This public tour is available to anyone upon registration. It is a great way to meet new people from around the world, who are booking the tour and discovering the city - just like you! The tour will commence if there are at least 4 people signed up by 2pm on the day of the tour (right after 2pm we’ll notify you by email if it takes place). You will be served a meal starter at a first restaurant, fondue/raclette as a main course at a second restaurant, and dessert at a third location. The food you will be served is Swiss cuisine, and will allow you to experience Zurich with your palette. 

    Tour duration: 2.5 hours  

    Tour cost: CHF 90 per person 

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Why is a food tour the right thing for you? 


When going on a business trip or a romantic vacation, we often try to incorporate as many attractions as possible, in a relatively small window of time. This leads to us missing the interesting cultural highlights of the places we’re visiting, and being swept up in the popular tourist attractions in the area. Another thing we tend to ignore on short visits abroad is the local cuisine. In the fast-paced world we live in, we’ve gotten used to entering global fast food shops instead of getting to know the local cuisine.  


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